Sippy Sure® is the world’s first medicine dispensing sippy cup. Its patented design creates a spill and leak proof cup that keeps medicine and your child’s favorite drink separate until they are ready to drink. As the child drinks from the cup, the medicine is mixed with the drink concealing the medicine and easily giving the child their medicine. Sippy Sure® helps make giving medicine to children easier and with less stress and frustration.

Sippy Sure® was developed by a doctor and dad so it is the solution to giving medicine to your child you can trust. We understand how difficult it can be sometimes because we have been there too.

We recommend you use Sippy Sure® as your child’s everyday sippy cup. Don’t wait until your child is sick to use it. Sippy Sure® can easily be used as a normal sippy cup by just removing the medicine cup and storing it in a safe place. This way when your child is sick, it is the same cup they have been used to using and love! Using it only when your child is sick may allow your child to associate this particular cup with being sick and getting medicine.


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Did you know

  • Sippy Sure® is BPA Free and dishwasher safe

  • Sippy Sure® is pediatrician recommended.

  • At least 65% of parents feel their child doesn't get all of the medicine dosage when given!

  • Sippy Sure® was designed and developed by a doctor and dad! So, Sippy Sure® is the solution to giving medicine to your child that you can trust.

  • Approximately 72% of children have trouble taking medicine. That's nearly 15 million children in the US.